Biometrics Weight Loss Program

Lose weight and feel great with a healthy eating plan from Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness. This effective six-week weight loss program teaches portion control and healthy eating habits. No pills, shakes, or weird potions– you’ll eat real food purchased from the grocery store.

The program includes:

  • Your initial profile session (weight and measurements)
  • A 6-week customized menu plan
  • Three 30-minute personal training sessions per week for six weeks (18 sessions)
  • Your final results session

Women typically lose 8-12 pounds, and men lose 12-17 pounds, on this program.

Biometrics Weight Loss Program is best for: Clients who want to lose weight and are willing to follow a structured exercise and eating regimen to do it; clients who are willing to prepare their own food and eliminate empty calories (yes, that means sweets and alcohol) for 6 weeks.