Group Personal Training

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative to one-on-one personal training? Group personal training may be for you. In these groups of 3 to 6 clients, you will work out at your own pace, with exercises and modifications suited for your fitness level. Selected times are available.

Interested? Here’s how it works:

As with all personal training, your first step is a free consultation to discuss your health status and fitness goals. If you choose to proceed, you will be given a client information form. You’ll need to bring your completed form to your trainer before your first session.

Next, we require an orientation consisting of two to three one-on-one personal training sessions:

  • The first is your Fitness Assessment, in which a Certified Personal Trainer will determine your initial fitness level.  Based on those findings, your trainer will determine which exercises are suitable for you and design an initial workout.
  • In your next session, your trainer will teach you the proper form for these exercises.
  • If necessary, a third one-on-one session will be scheduled.

If you want to join group personal training, we’ll do everything we can to get you ready to integrate into a group. However, in some cases, a client is not a good candidate right away. Some clients have joint or health issues that require one-on-one attention. It wouldn’t be fair for a trainer to spend all of their time on one group member at the expense of the others. Out of fairness to the group, we occasionally require a new client to get up to speed with more one-on-one training.

Group Personal Training is best for: Clients looking for a good value, who can commit to the available group time slots.